Changing Times for e-Commerce Jewellers and Their Online Shoppers

Selling online is a highly competitive market where customers can buy or browse jewellery from different countries or locations. For jewellers and retailers, the web has given new business opportunities for their online businesses. Jewellery and gift shop retailers in Ireland and the UK who sell online, have noticed how retailing and retail technology has changed at a rapid pace in the last 10 years and continues to change every few months.

Jewellers who have invested in new e-commerce websites have spent a lot of time and money on product photography, online advertising and hiring a digital marketing agency are wondering why they haven’t achieved profitable online sales. Many retailers we’ve met have not been happy with the return from their investment and resources committed to their e-commerce project. On average retailers have achieved low monthly sales conversion rates of 2-5% and this is where Webliveview aims to assist retailers. It’s been proven that retailers worldwide in different retail sectors have achieved higher customer order values of 100-300% and an increase with online sales of 10-30% using webchat and video chat technology interacting with online customers. We believe an online jeweller should see an increase in sales of jewellery and diamond sales worth €3000 or more monthly if the right amount of time is invested in sales staff managing sales enquires with your online shoppers.

Webliveview gives online customers a very personal experience dealing directly with your adviser’s in real time from your shop. Webliveview software integrates with your current website. The webchat widget is customised to your own brand or website colours. Your customers can send instant messages and questions on products of interest from any location through your website. Your staff can reply instantly with the relevant information to your customer’s sales enquiries from the iPad. Customers can book a product video demonstration by appointment at a time that suits both parties via the widget calendar or the iPhone application, so they can see live a selection of rings or jewellery and get real-time advice from your diamond and jewellery advisers and sales staff. The benefit of this is that customers who don’t have the time to visit the store or may be living in a different country can get the same personal experience as they would if they entered the store. It also allows your adviser to give the correct product advice, answer questions from your online shoppers and also have the opportunity to up sell and cross sell products with customers.

Jewellers we have met over the last year said they would like Webliveview for their business to assist with online sales and jewellery enquires from potential new online customers with higher value diamond and engagement ring sales. Jewellers and gift shops owners said Webliveview will give them first contact online with these valuable shoppers in starting a webchat conversation while shoppers are researching diamond ring purchases worth €1000 – €20000 with three different online jewellers.

Some of the feedback comments from online shoppers of different ages using Webliveview were “Its a great help to be able to talk in real time with the shops jewellery advisers for an important purchase like an engagement ring“, “Webliveview will surely save me time and money shopping“, “I like that the shop’s assistant can assist me online in making a jewellery purchase decision“.

Depending on the size and complexity of your current IT and software used for your e-commerce business. We can arrange the integration work between our platform and your own e-commerce platform with your web developers.  Popular e-commerce platforms used like magneto, Opencart and Volusion are compatible, plus many more. We have taken advice and feedback on board from many meetings with e-commerce managers and jewellery shop owners over the last two years while developing our software and know the exact issues jewellers are experiencing which have improved our Webliveview software design and manager reports.  We have made sure Webliveview’s iPad application is very easy to use for your sales staff and has lots of useful functions for dealing with online customers or shoppers. For Jewellery shop managers and owners; Webliveview’s manager dashboard is easy to read and navigate and has very useful reports for managers with up-to-date information on every detail of interaction your staff has with new online customers with the webchat conversations, video product demonstration calls and customers order details processed on the iPad.

We understand that a big part of a successful jewellery business is based on customer service and customer relationships and a unique personal buying experience with your sales staff. We believe Webliveview can bring your sales staff closer to achieving these key jewellery shop standards online with new diamond and watch online customer enquiries.

Buying habits of retail customers have changed with new technology. Your customers can now use many devices to browse and research before making a jewellery purchase, starting with their mobile phone, moving to a tablet and then completing the purchase order on a desktop pc or calling into your shop.  The fastest growing online retail sale this year is on mobile devices with 47% growth. The Webliveview team have planned for this online market change and have developed an IOS application that your customers can use to communicate with your staff from anywhere. Webliveview builds a great level of trust and comfort with online customers who are interested in buying from your shop and staff.  After a product video demonstration, if your customers want to go ahead with an order your sales staff can process the whole order from the iPad for the customer while chatting with them online.  You will use your own secure credit and debit card merchant account from PayPal for all customer orders credit card payments.

We have made Webliveview software pricing flexible and affordable for all jewellers and gift shop owners; a software license starts at a very reasonable €130 a month for a one user iPad license and a desktop pc version is available for back office staff. We have a minimum license term of four months, so you are not committing to a 12-month contract if you have quiet seasonal sales periods. We have a list of hardware accessories including iPad, camera lenses, stands, lighting, photo studio scanners you can choose from to use with the iPad.  Your basic software setup costs €600 which includes your account setup and product file uploaded and software testing. It also includes half a day for staff and manager software training at your office. We can send you a correct quotation after a meeting with you and understanding your business software and IT requirements with your e-commerce business. When ordering a Webliveview package from us you can expect a prompt set up time of three days from when the order is placed where we can arrange your software training and a go-live delivery date. For larger, more detailed complex e-commerce programs which need integration work, this can be completed within one to three weeks working with your web developers. We offer phone and email software support for you available from Monday to Friday, business hours as part of the license price and order. If you need extra training or call outs or integration work to your business this is chargeable work.

The Webliveview team’s ambition is to help you make your online business more successful by giving you a competitive advantage online from your competitors, engaging with more new shoppers online and creating higher value jewellery purchase orders with your customers.

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