“Top 15 eCommerce Podcasts for 2023: Essential Listening for Growth and Strategy”


In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying informed about eCommerce trends and strategies is essential. Consequently, podcasts have become an invaluable resource. In this guide, we’ll explore the best eCommerce podcasts of 2023,

offering a wealth of insights for anyone eager to excel in online retail. Whether you’re new to eCommerce or an experienced marketer, these podcasts provide indispensable knowledge for success.

1. “Functional and Fabulous”: Blending Aesthetics and Efficiency in E-Commerce

  • Exploring Design’s Impact on Online Shopping with Newman and Keohane

Firstly, “Functional and Fabulous” focuses on the crucial balance between aesthetics and functionality in eCommerce. Hosts Newman and Keohane discuss how impactful design can drive conversions and enhance customer engagement.

Moreover, they delve into user interface design and customer journey mapping, providing listeners with practical insights.

Functional and Fabulous” with Gordon Newman and Gerard Keohane

2. “Mastering E-Commerce Marketing”: Insights from Chloë Thomas’s “eCommerce MasterPlan”

  • Strategies and Stories from Top E-Commerce Marketers and Entrepreneurs

Similarly, Chloë Thomas’s “eCommerce MasterPlan” is a treasure trove of marketing strategies. Thomas and her guests, ranging from successful entrepreneurs to marketing gurus, share actionable tips and experiences. Furthermore, each episode is packed with lessons on adapting to market trends and boosting customer retention.

eCommerce MasterPlan” by Chloë Thomas

3. “Quick Insights on Retail”: Melissa Moore’s “Retail Tea Break”

  • Digestible E-Commerce Trends and Tips for the Busy Professional

Additionally, Melissa Moore’s “Retail Tea Break” offers concise, insightful episodes. Moore covers emerging trends and practical tips, perfect for professionals seeking quick, yet informative content. Also, her approach makes complex retail concepts easily understandable.

“Retail Tea Break” with Melissa Moore, The Retail Advisor

4. “Managing Digital Stores”: Key Strategies from François Marchand’s “The Ecomm Manager Podcast”

  • Practical Advice on Sales, Analytics, and E-Commerce Management

François Marchand’s podcast is a goldmine for eCommerce managers. Covering topics from sales funnel optimization to data analytics, Marchand offers advice based on his extensive experience. Importantly, he focuses on the application of analytics in strategic decision-making.

The Ecomm Manager Podcast” with François Marchand

5. “Scaling Up Online”: Growth Tactics in “The E-Commerce Growth Show” by Sabir Semerkant

  • A Deep Dive into E-commerce Scaling Strategies and Customer Acquisition

“The E-Commerce Growth Show” by Sabir Semerkant dives into various growth strategies. Semerkant’s discussions on customer acquisition and retention are enriched with case studies and expert interviews, providing a well-rounded perspective on scaling an online business.

. “The E-Commerce Growth Show” – eCommerce Growth Mastery with Sabir Semerkant

6. “E-commerce Conversations” by Practical E-commerce’s Eric Bandholz

Eric Bandholz hosts a podcast with easy-to-understand talks with eCommerce experts and entrepreneurs. They give advice on making online stores better and trying new marketing ways. The podcast also looks at both the good and challenging parts of eCommerce.

7. “The Amazing Seller” Podcast by Iman Gadzhi

Iman Gadzhi’s podcast is key for growing your eCommerce business. He talks about digital marketing, sales strategies, and using social media. His practical examples and advice offer a guide for success in eCommerce.

8. “E-commerce Insights” with Jon MacDonald

Jon MacDonald’s podcast is about making eCommerce websites work better and sell more. He talks about website design, testing different website versions, and making sure customers have a good experience.

9. “eCommerceFuel Podcast”

This podcast is where experienced online business owners share their stories and ideas. They talk about different eCommerce platforms and solving problems. This is a great place to learn more about the whole world of eCommerce.

10. “Your Basket Is Empty” by Tim Richardson

Tim Richardson’s podcast looks at how culture, technology, and eCommerce affect each other. He invites guests from different areas to discuss how these things change the way people shop online. It’s interesting for those who want to know about the big picture in eCommerce.

11. “keep optimising ” with Mark Hammersley

Mark Hammersley’s podcast offers practical advice on running an online business. He talks about marketing, making sales better, and keeping customers interested. This podcast is helpful for anyone looking for direct tips on eCommerce.

12. “The Optimized E-commerce” with Tanner Larsson

Tanner Larsson’s podcast is about making more money from your eCommerce business. He discusses how to make customers spend more and keep coming back, and how to run your business more efficiently.

13. “Lunch with the Norm” – The E-commerce & Amazon FBA Podcast

Norman Farrar’s podcast mixes eCommerce strategies with Amazon FBA tips. He talks to industry leaders and successful business owners about how to run an online business, covering topics from finding products to marketing and growing on Amazon

14. “Secrets to Scaling Your E-commerce Brand” with Jordan West

Jordan West talks about how successful online stores grow. He interviews business owners and marketers about marketing, product making, customer experience, and more. This podcast is great for learning how to expand your online store.

15. “The Watson Weekly” – Hosted by Rick Watson

Rick Watson’s podcast covers the latest in eCommerce strategies, trends, and news. He talks about new technology, how customer habits are changing, and more. This podcast helps you stay updated in the fast-moving world of eCommerce.


In conclusion, these 15 podcasts offer a diverse range of perspectives and expertise in eCommerce. They not only cover foundational topics like SEO and PPC but also delve into advanced strategies for customer experience and product development. Ultimately, staying updated with these podcasts can significantly enhance your knowledge and skills in the eCommerce arena.

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